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  • From record job vacancies, to the ‘Great Resignation’ where a surprisingly high number of employees left their jobs, followed by acute talent shortages, the employment market has seen a number of changes over the past few years.

    As the nation continues to respond to the cost of living crisis, economists predict a slight slow in job growth, with unemployment figures expected to increase by 0.5% (Statista: annual employment rate in the UK) - anoptimistic outlook.

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    “Many businesses are looking at their cost strategy, assessing how they can continue to drive growth, reduce costs and mitigate risks. This includes implementing protective measures to deal with shortages and rising logistical and operational costs. Employers recognise that it’s still a competitive job market and to avoid losing talented people, it’s likely that they will continue to review pay, benefits and find ways to support their people and boost productivity and satisfaction.”


    Julie Calisir, Managing Director

  • So, although there is likely to be further changes and economic challenges, predictions across a number of sources tell us that the UK employment market could be more stable than previous years, with employers investing in more ways to retain and attract staff.


    If you’re looking for a new job or opportunity, now could be the ideal time, with businesses reviewing their business operating models, talent shortages and opportunities for future growth.

    Our career development toolkit guides you in each area of the job searching process, from; assessing whether a job move is right for you, to helping you assess your skills and create a stand-out CV with free templates. We’ve also included some valuable information on how to practically prepare for an interview and secure that job.


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